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Announcements regarding Selora.
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ot a suggestion, a complaint or other feedback? Post it here so we can try to improve!
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In this board you can look for job. However it will be open when we will need someone.
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Support & Resources

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Donation Support

Here you can ask questions on donation issues.
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In this forum you can find tutorials around everything you can think of.
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Post on this board if you have a question or a request to a tutor or a gamemaster.
2 3 Pytanie co do serwa.
2009-12-29 13:20:00 przez asterix

Technical Support

Here you can ask for help if you have a technical problem that is related to Sephoria servers.
1 5 Dedyk i reset charów
2009-12-21 13:56:36 przez Szatim


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Do you want to set up a new contest or join one? This include all. Graphics, signatures, mapping, fights, everything! Take a look here!
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This board is for polls.
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This board is for Guildaffairs.
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The Lounge

This board is for general discussions.
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This board is for everything that doesn't fit in any other board.
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Share your adventures and moments with us.
1 6 Postanowiłem zrobić życie o moim rookslayerze
2009-12-28 10:30:20 przez Szatim


Hold auctions to sell your items or buy something you need.
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